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I alone am free~I am THE CAT.
~ Leila Usher
color: white with orange and black swirls
scent: mint and pine
gemstone: blue tiger eye
After I created the woof! candle for dogs, some cat-loving friends hinted at plots of feline discrimination. I don't have a cat~or, should I say, I am not owned by a cat~but I was born in the Chinese Year of the Cat and although I wouldn't say I'm a cat-lover by nature, I've known several really outstanding cats.
To Digit, Cosmo, Jinx, Caesar, Elliott (a tabby named after my dog), Jewel and Daisy: I am delighted to celebrate you and all your feline relations with this candle. Thanks to Natalie for coming up with meow's purrfect colors and scents!

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