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butterfly gift set

butterfly gift set

Part Number:247
Price: $60.00
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quote on label:
transformation * change * power * evolution * grace * balance * the ability to experience joy
color: yellow and fuchsia with blue swirls
scent: jasmine and daffodil
gemstones: carnelian, clear quartz
To understand the power of animal totems, one must accept that animals are messengers and reflections of Spirit. Each animal possesses energy and lessons wondrously unique to that creature. The unique way each animal moves through life holds powerful lessons, just as sure as other humans do. We invite you to pay attention to the animals that grace your path~be they via dreams, in nature, or within your attractions and fears.

lovingly handmade in seaside Norwalk, CT.  Unique - one of a kind set of earrings
labradorite, rose quartz, 14k gold, st. silver

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